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Welcome to the Suburban Hyundai of Troy website. We are always updating our catalog with the latest models and deals. Check back frequently because our stock is continually changing. We want to get you behind the wheel of a new Hyundai. These high-quality autos are known for having the ideal combination of reliability and economy. Whether you are interested in a new vehicle with all the latest features or a certified pre-owned auto, we have something for everyone.

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Please check out our model reviews for the specifications and pricing on our premium stock of autos. Whether you are looking for an electric vehicle or a great SUV, our friendly staff will help you determine which model has the best features for your needs. Our cars are priced to move and available in a wide selection of colors and styles.

Hyundai is a leading Korean car manufacturer who has built their brand along the paradigm of the Japanese automakers. They are focused on creating a world-class auto that saves you some of the costs faced by the restricted space and resulting high costs of manufacturing that are burdening Japan. Much of the Hyundai technology is hedged against losses by maintaining that super-reliability that Japan is famous for innovating. This plan of production provides consumers with the safe bet rather than a gamble when they are shopping for a new vehicle. Hyundai's are practical daily drivers that will go tens of thousands of miles with minimal maintenance required.

Hyundai now owns a chunk of Kia Motors. As a result, you can now see the engineering crossed over into both brands. That ensures the highest level of reliability and flexibility in producing rugged parts with similar designs for each model. Overall, the cost of production is brought down by the focus on quality in an economy price range to appease American wallets. You won't find a better value vehicle brand than Hyundai.

Hyundai's focus on quality has ranked it as a top pick by JD Power. Many of these autos are now being engineered and assembled right here in the USA. CarMD has rated Hyundai as the most reliable brand on the road. Despite the exceptional quality, Hyundai's are among some of the least expensive to repair autos on the road today. The most common issue improved on aging Hyundai's are inexpensive oxygen sensors that regulate emissions. These can get burned out in any car that is exposed to a lot of extreme weather.

Hyundai's are loaded with the latest infotainment technology. Hyundai is like the Apple phone companion every teenage girl is dreaming about. For parents, the safety features are right up there with those being installed in Honda's today. Blind spot and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rearview camera, parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and the high beam assist recently added to Honda's safety package, altogether spell out a full package auto. Hyundai takes the most reliable engineering and sells the whole package.

The engineering is being shared between automakers at such a high saturation that you can purchase the same features in an economy line as those in the higher end vehicles. The variable difference lies mostly in the styling and brand name. The aerodynamics of autos today have made them all very similar as well. There is no reason to wait, stop down at our dealership and test drive a Hyundai to get the best value.

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